Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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KYE 50: Gabi Losoncy 'HH' LP Now Available $19.00

KYE 49: Maths Balance Volumes 'Absence' LP Now Available $19.00

KYE 708: Mark Harwood & Graham Lambkin 'Sirisongs' tour only 7"*

KYE 48: Matthew Revert 'Being Small' LP  $19:00

KYE 47: Joe McPhee 'Seattle Symphony' LP*

KYE 46: Moniek Darge 'Sacred Balinese Soundies, Mauro's Song' CD $16.00

KYE 45: Graham Lambkin 'Community' LP*

KYE 44: Mark Vernon 'Lend An Ear, Leave A Word' LP*

KYE 43: Glorias Navales 'Cofradia Nautica' LP $18.00

KYE 42: Raymond Boni / Jean Marc Foussat / Joe McPhee 'The Paris Concert' LP $19.00 LAST COPIES

KYE 41: Dan Melchior 'Home of the Blues' LP $19.00

KYE 40: Alec Livaditis 'Clear and Cloud' LP*

KYE 39: Philip Corner 'OM Entering and Once Enterd' LP*

KYE 38: V/A 'Nice Weather For War' CD $15.00

KYE 37: Michael Morley 'Moonrise' LP*

KYE 36: Elklink 'Farm Stories' LP*

KYE 35 Joe McPhee & John Snyder 'TO BE CONTINUED' LP*

KYE 34: Malcolm Goldstein 'Full Circle Sounding' LP  $17.00 LAST COPIES

KYE 33: Food Court 's/t' LP* 

KYE 32: Matthew Revert 'Not You' LP * 

KYE 31: Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin 'Indian Soundies' CD*

KYE 30: Matt Krefting 'Lymph Est' LP*

KYE 29: Vanessa Rossetto 'Whole Stories' LP*

KYE 28: Stefan Jaworzyn 'The Annihilating Light' LP*

KYE 27: Jason Lescalleet 'Much To My Demise' LP

KYE 707: Good Area 'Cubic Zirconia' b/w 'Bad Karlshafen' 7"EP

KYE 26: Astor 'Inland' LP*

KYE 706: Graham Lambkin 'Abersayne' b/w 'Attersaye' 7" *

KYE 25: Anton Heyboer 'Rules Of The Universe' 2LP*

KYE 24: Good Area 'French Antarctica' LP*

KYE 23: Call Back The Giants 'The Marianne' LP*

KYE 22: James Rushford & Joe Talia 'Manhunter' LP*

KYE 21: The Shadow Ring 'Remains Unchanged' 2LP* 

KYE 20: Vanessa Rossetto 'Exotic Exit' LP*

KYE 705: The Bowles 'The Bowles' 7"EP*

KYE 19: Astor 'Alcor' LP*

KYE 18: Henning Christiansen 'Kreuzmusik FLUXID BEHANDLUNG Op 189' LP*

KYE 17: Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski 'Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon' LP*

KYE 16: Dan Melchior 'Excerpts & Half-Speeds' LP*

KYE 15: Graham Lambkin 'Amateur Doubles' LP*

KYE 14: Fossils/Darksmith 'Million Year Spree' LP*

KYE 13: Moniek Darge 'Sounds Of Sacred Places' CD*

KYE 12: Call Back The Giants 'The Rising' LP*

KYE 11: Helm 'Cryptography' LP*

KYE 10: IFCO 'Music From The Impossible Salon' LP*

KYE 09: Elklink 'The Rise of Elklink' LP*

KYE 08: Vanessa Rossetto 'Mineral Orange' LP*

KYE 07: Call Back The Giants 'Call Back The Giants' LP*

KYE 06: Moniek Darge 'Crete Soundies' CD*

KYE 05: Moniek Darge 'Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001)' CD*

KYE 04: Graham Lambkin 'Softly Softly Copy Copy' CD*

KYE 03: The Shadow Ring 'Life Review 1993-2003' 2CD

KYE 02: Graham Lambkin 'Salmon Run' CD

KYE 01: Graham Lambkin 'Poem (For Voice & Tape)' LP*

KYE 704: Vincent Over The Sink 'Dust Studies' 7"*

KYE 703: Fossils 'The Golden Door'/'War Puzzle' 7"*

KYE 702: Jason Lescalleet 'Fantasy & Electricity'/'Dictaphone Music-Organ Music' 7"*

KYE 701: Call Back The Giants 'Call Back The Giants'/'Ms Maris Lopez' 7"*

* Out of Stock

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